Laser Tube Leaking - Help!


Hi posting from Australia. In urgent need of replacement laser as it started leaking water during mid run whilst cutting basswood. Not sure how or why this happened, just need to get our machine back up running asap.

We are just north of Sydney, with no local help available. Urgent help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. It’s 10.15am down under atm. Many thanks Maureen


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Hello Maureen! :star2: I’m sorry to hear about the laser tube trouble you’re facing. Let’s tackle this together and get your machine back up and running!

Laser tubes can be a bit finicky, but fear not—I’ve got some guidance for you. First, let’s identify the issue and explore potential solutions:

  1. Leaking Water into the Outer Chamber:

    • When your laser tube is leaking water, it’s essential to take immediate action. Here’s what you can do:
      • Safety First: Shut off the laser system and disconnect the power supply. We don’t want any electrical hazards!
      • Caution: Be careful when handling the laser tube. The water might be hot or contain chemicals that could be hazardous to your health.
      • Possible Causes:
        • Cooling System Malfunction: Check if your cooling system is working correctly. It might be malfunctioning or have a leak.
        • Damaged Seals: Inspect the seals around the laser tube. If they’re damaged or worn, water can seep out.
        • Water Supply or Filtration Issue: Ensure there’s no problem with the water supply or filtration system.
      • If you’re comfortable doing so, you can try to address the issue based on the cause. However, if you’re unsure or need professional assistance, consider reaching out to a laser maintenance expert or the manufacturer¹.
  2. Testing Your Laser Tube:

    • Signs of a failing tube include:
      • Arcing: If the tube shows signs of arcing (resulting in electrical interference noise), it might need attention.
      • Dim Glow: If the tube glows weakly or appears white instead of pink, it’s not at its best.
      • Cutting Issues: If it struggles to cut acrylic even at 100% power and 15% speed, there’s a problem.
      • Power Meter Test: If a laser power meter shows significantly less than its rated power, it’s time to investigate.
    • Remember, CO2 tubes have a lifespan (around 10,000+ hours for gold catalyst tubes and 2000-3000 hours for non-gold catalyst tubes). Proper usage and maintenance matter—avoid excessive on/off cycles and follow recommended settings².
  3. Cleaning Your Laser Tube:

    • Sometimes, a good cleaning can work wonders. Here’s a simple method:
      • Vinegar or Hydrochloric Acid: Pour vinegar or hydrochloric acid into the water inlet of the laser tube until it’s full.
      • Wait and Shake: Let it stand for half an hour, shake it slightly, and then drain the liquid.
      • Rinse with Purified Water: Rinse the laser tube thoroughly with purified water⁴.

Remember, Maureen, you’re not alone in this—despite being miles away! If you need further assistance, consider contacting Makeblock support or seeking local professional help. And hey, it’s morning down under—let’s turn this situation around! :sun_with_face::muscle:

Feel free to ask any follow-up questions or share updates. We’ll troubleshoot together! :hammer_and_wrench:️:sparkles:


Thanks for the guidance. We have reached out to a Makeblock stockists in another state to us in Victoria and they have been simply amazing. Sadly where we purchased our machine from they just referred us overseas as our machine was out of warranty & they no longer stock same.

I have been going thru the online manual links and found them very helpful, I just wish I knew what I did wrong as I love our machine.


How will we go about find a service agent in our local area, any guidance would be greatly appreciated. We are 1-2 hrs north of Sydney, NSW ?


AY! I live in Aus to


@MaudyOz Can’t help you much there. I’d suggest you contact makeblock official

about the issue.