Laser MB-98006 on Me Orion


hi im’ going to purchase the laser engraver MB-98006 for my xy plotter 2.0 (with me orion board ) but the documentation for this lasr show only the megapy connections and on the documentation i found i see the laser connected to a box ( maybe a power module ) and than to the Orion …
ont the package of the MB-98006 the strange box is not included and it’s directly connected to the megapi board i dont’t have , also the mechanics of the plotter xy are completelly different, so the question is
is it the orion compatible with the MB-98006 ?
can you post the instruction to get working this laser ( connection sheet and software customizations ?)
thank you


Hi korb3n,
The black box should be power adapter. If you have the 98006, you can use it with XY plotter 2.0, and here you may have some guidance:
Actually, XY and 98006 are discontinued, I am afraid they are not available any longer.


thank you for the feedback ,xy plotter is a nice product even discontinued , aniway i was looking for this too

my doubt is if i need a power + driver or a power oonly ,
i was wondering to connet the laser and the power to the shield/driver then use the TTL input on the driver to have to control the power ratio by PWM .TTL should be conneted to the orion board following your documentation
afraid without the TTL i can’t control the power , do i need to take care of it ?


To buy a separate laser, you have to match the connector (on orion), see below picture.

Some other laser may not have the black box, but you have to find a way to connect laser to the board.

If there is no “yellow conenctor”, I am afraid you have to connect the wire to orion board by yourself.


thanks alot much appreciated ,
im close to purcase the 98006 , so this version should be connected directly to the orion board ?
make sense to investigate the purpouse of the black box … it’s a mistery maybe internally someone has memory of it .




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