Laser cutting settings - 3mm Basswood


Hi, the default settings are 95% for power and 20% speed for 3mm basswood.

This seems to me to be quite a lot of power. The edges are also very dark and there is a distinct yellow discoloration on the cut edges.

I can hardly judge the speed, since it is given in %. I have found a cutting speed of max 600 mm/s. Default is 20%, that would be 120mm/s. That seems to me very much.

Others typically use 15mm/s.

Does anyone know the true maximum speed?

Has anyone had good experience with other settings?
Greeting Holger


are you want to reduce the power and speed just want to avoid the edges don’t become dark while cutting for the basswood?if so,I don’t think adjust power and speed can solve the issue,because the basswood laser cut via burn it,there isn’t too much relationship with its power and speed.