Laser Box Pro Error Qx02 0


Hi, I am doing engraving using the laser box pro and half way through it error out with Qx02 0 and stop engraving and went back to the start position, the start button stays red.

I recover the Laserbox but closing the problem and turn off and on again.

But unfortunately I can’t continue my engraving.

Any one experience this issue , why there is a Qx02 0 ?

Thank you


Pls send below information to our support mail
1.When and where did you buy the laserbox machine?
2.SN number which pasted on the back of laserbox.
3.Is laserbox can work properly before occur this error?

Basic information confirming
1.SN number which pasted on the back of laserbox.
2.Go to Setting-help-check for updates to see if your software is latest V1.0.7
3.Connect with your laserbox with laserbox software, and go to setting-Device-Firmware to check if firmware is latest version,it’s better to share an image for this interface.

Clean Air faucet
1.Form below image we can see inside the air faucet there is a circle buckle to stuck the air-tube (rubber tube), when press down the surface then you can remove the Air-tube, same method to plug the Air-tube in。

2.Once you removed the air faucet, then you can clean the Air faucet, because if anything has been blocked inside of Air faucet, it will occur that error Qx020 as well.

3.After cleaned the Air faucet, but the error still exist, then it maybe something issue with air pump.