LAN between two Halocode



I was trying to communicate several Halocode together but I can not do it. On tablet the instructions are not identical to the PC version. How to do ??

Version PC

Version iPad


Hi Cracckel,
Mobile mBlock App was just updated and it’s the newer version. While the PC mBlock software haven’t updated since 5.0.1. Please temporarily use online version mLink which is newer than client end and we will always update mLink first:


Thank you for the answer but I can not communicate 2 Halocodes together directly. I managed through the Cloud (Wifi). Do you have a simple code so that I understand my mistake.

Example: Halocode # 1
Example: Halocode # 2


Hi Crackel,
Here is a simple example.
Halocode one:
Halocode two:


Hi Crackel,
Here is a simple example.
Halocode one:
Halocode two:

And here is the Halocode help documentation:



The examples do not work.

I tried under iPAD and under PC. LAN section, are there any who tried. I have 4 Halocodes and I would like to operate them other than WIFI (Cloud).


But I tested, that worked. Could you please test again and take a video for me?


Hi tech_support,

I do not have to understand how it works. I have Windows 10 en Home Edition, on an i7 has 16 gig of RAM. SSD …



Video for 7 days


Hi Crackel,
Thanks for the video. I think I found the reason.
The Halocode firmware is not the latest version. If you switch to Python mode, it will show you the current version once connected:
But the latest version is 25.01.003, so we have to update firmware.
Here is another thing that mBlock Client version is not integrated in latest firmware, so we have to update firmware in online version (mLink):

Once updated, your codes should be working as it should be.


Hi MakeBlock,

It works, it is probably the firmware BUT the example code in the documentation does not work. I had to do this code.

Halocode #1

Halocode #2

Do not put the Enable LAN via just before the instructions. You have to put them when the Halocode Start


Error transduction in French which indicates the opposite of what the instruction must do.


Strange, I tested both works with newer firmware. We’ll have more test.


Thank you for the feedback, I will inform the translation colleague. Thank you!:grinning:


Hello Crackel,
Would you mind helping us to do the translation correction? French translation is provided by a volunteer. And here is the guidance for volunteer translation and correction:

Thank you!


It’s nice to think of me, but my english is bad.
I like to focus on help on the forum. In this way, I see the problems and it pushes me to find solutions


I mean just focus on the French translation.
But no worries. Thank you anyway. :grin: