Issues with Talkative pet add on for Mbot


HI. I have purchased recently an expansion pack for my son Mbot. Is called talkative pet. We have assemblied it and tried to upload the firmware. Everithing looks ok like the SD card has all the voices, the plugs and everithing connects well however after downloading the pack from makeblock site I was not able to load the program via PC app.

mBlock PC version
Version: V5.2.0

After downloading the software pack from Makeblock site i got a zip file called Talkative-Pet_Case and inside I have a file Robot-Dog.sb2. When I try to import this file in the MBlock 5 pc app it loads all the program in the Sprites section of the software. Even after I add the Mbot again and the extension pack (uppon importing the file these are dissapearing from my menu) I cannot shift the program in the Mbot section. I have also downloaded an alternative version of the file from the educational website however I get a lot of errors before compiling and I cannot upload in the mbot.

Can anybody help me with this since I cannot find any step by step tutorial and I find it very difficult to make the pack working.

Thank you.