Issue with Arduino Uno


Hi, may I know if mBlock is compatible with this board? When I connect and do a simple coding in mBlock to control pin 13 for a LED. when uploading with setting pin 13 as high…it works…but when changing it to pin 13- low, the uploading fails.

Any idea why?


Hi amigo76sg,

I have the same card and it works fine. I even started an extension and it’s really super compatible.

Would you like to show us a screenshot of your code. It is probably a detail and once found, you will have no more difficulty.


Do I need to download any firmware to the Arduino before using mBlock?

What I did is just downloaded mBlock and installed on my PC/Mac, hook up with my board via USB and start using.

Any guidance is appreciated.



Hi amigo76sg,

You don’t need Firmware.

You are missing the mLink 2 that you need to install and during the installation you will have to install the CH340.


Thank you Crackel.

Have removed mBlock and restarting from scratch again. Will follow your last instructions.

Will let you know how it goes.



Hi Crackel,

Need some help here as I am trying on a new PC and it seems I cannot connect via /dev/tty.usbmodem14101 even though I have the CH340 driver installed.

Only COM ports options show up.

Also, when connected via COM Ports, I do basic stuff like lighting LED via PIN 13, the upload hits with below error.

Any help is much appreciated.

This PC are having all the latest USB ports, i.e. USB 3.0 etc.




Did you install Arduino drivers?
Could you share code and blocks?


Seems to work now…after I uninstall the driver and reinstall…




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