Issue: mbot2 neo cyberPi very noisy


Hi here,

Does anyone observe similar symptoms, as we do with our new mbot2?
The dc motors are very noisy during operation and even continue soughing and wheezing
after the bot stopped. Only after letting it do something pre-programmed with a defined stop (it seems), the unmeant sound stops as well. (Not tried yet with own Code)

I have double checked by cross connecting with the motors of our mbot Ranger and vice versa. It proves that the symptoms are caused by the
Controller, because all Motors make noise as described above when connected to the mbot 2 (same for both ports) and are silent when
connected to Ranger, respectively.


Hi Sven:

Could you please take a video for us,we’ll feedback to our hardware engineer to solve this problem,thank you.



I have sent by emai in the meantime.




  • I received help from the support team. They were very responsive.

  • The main problem is gone, the noise does not persist anymore after motion has stopped.

  • Solution was a firmware update. Since the mblock apps only provided the precessor Version, i needed to do it differently than documented: i found out that it finds the newer Version by connecting directly* to the internet. The mbot 2 lost connection several times and aborted the updates, but the ninth restart of update process was finally successfull.

  • On the other hand, the noise during motion is still obvious and i do not like it all. However, from my last video I took, supporter estimated it as normal. And indeed I found other mbot2 videos on YouTube, showing similar sounds (can’t tell whether as loud as mine…).
    –> anybody here, who likes to describe his mbot2’s wheezing / soughing or not?

Thank you in advance


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