Is there bug in the extension builder?


I can download an extension dev package .mext successfully but when I install it manually the mblock IDE get stuck and doesn’t´work properly. It seems that the .mext file is corrupted and it does that mblock IDE works wrong. the .mext file is corrupted?

Even I have uploaded a not corrupted (working) .mext file to the extension builder and then I have downloaded and manually installed into mblock IDE and the same problem appeared, the mblock doesn’t work, the extension is corrupted.

What is happening? is there a bug in the extension builder?


I just drag and drop the .mext file into mblock5 and it works for me


actually I did that. The problem is that when I download the .mext file it seems be corrupted because when I drag and drop it into mblock 5, the mblock5 doesnt work any more when I select my extension. I have tested with fresh mblock5 installation and the problem is the same,. Even I have tested in different PC computer and doesn’t work.

I have attached the .mext file. Maybe you could try to see the generated arduino code and upload some dummy code to the arduino. let me know if it is working (380.9 KB)



I have the same problem. Maybe someone from tech support can answer this