Is there an extension for line follower array on Orion?


I want to program the line follower array on the Orion board but not familiar with arduino code. I want it so when the middle 2 sensor are “activated” they turn on a motor and the rest of the 4 sensor can be discarded how can I achieve that?


If you are using the extension Me_Line_Array_v2, then it works with port1~port4 on mCore board and port 6~port10 on Auriga. It doesn’t support other boards in mBlock programming.

I have found that all sensors are not supported on all the boards. Another example is the colour sensor.


Do you know how can I program it in arduino IDE? Because the sample program is not for the Orion but for the Mega.


Or at least how can I modify the extension so it works with the me Orion? @tech_support


It is not that easy. Check this link. You would also have to figure out which ports and pins to use.


Here is the sample Arduino program for the Line Follower Array (link). Not much documentation in it but it covers the basics of operation. The sample program “should” work with the Orion board as long as you include the correct header (“MeOrion.h”). Note that based on the blue label, it will likely have to go into ports 3-6. Not sure what the pins are but that should be relatively easy to figure out by looking at the Orion board on the learning site (link).

From what I can tell, it looks like:

Port Pins Digital / Analog
3 12,13 Digital
4 2,8 Digital
5 0,1 Digital
6 A2, A3 Analog (mapped as digital)

@tech_support, is this correct? Also, would it be possible to include the code for this device in the main Makeblock-Llibraries code repository on Github?


Hi chuckmcknight,

The mapping relationship is correct.
Regarding the request for the example program base on line follower array and Orion board, we have provided feedback to our engineer who will consider it.


I have bought an Me Auriga today so I will combine those and have a 2 motherboard system. Thank you all for your help :smiley: