Is there a Silent Install?


Is there any way to do a silent install/uninstall of this software?
I have looked at the documentation and FAQ and cant find any information

Any help would be appreciated



Which software do you mean?


MBlock5 which I tagged on this post


I think there is a silent updates. There is a bug when I try to toggle the live and upload button on my own device. The toggle button is keeping loading. And I cannot get to the upload mode.


Hi apollovs,

Here we have a version for silent installation. You can try it. The file was sent to your email address via WeTransfer website, please check.
Please note: it is .msi file, for some computer which only accept the exe install version, then this file won’t work.


Hi Icy_Makeblock,

I’m currently trying to deploy Mblock5 at our Highschool per a teachers request, is there a chance i could please have a copy of the MSI, a colleague tried making a msi but it failed to deploy.

Thank you,



Hi Keiran,
Have you received the msi file?


I haven’t, would be very helpful if i could please get a copy


Here is the download link, please have a try.