Is the Airblock discontinued?


I recently got to know the Airblock, and I tried to buy it. But I cannot find proper place to buy. Only place I can find is the amazon marketplace in which the drone is from India.

Is the Airblock discontinued? If it is, is there any way I can get it?


Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your inquiry.
There are no sales channels to purchase from our company now, we stopped production a few months ago. So sorry for all the inconvenience caused.



Thank you for your kind response.

If it does not bother you, can you tell me the reason why your company stopped production a few months ago? I’m trying to make a product simillar with your Airblock, so if it’s possible, I want to have a contact with Airblock team and have an information related with Airblock, and market of Airblock, etc.

Just in case, I’ll leave my email so that you can have a contact with me:


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