Is Out Power 8% Restricting Laser Power?


I am finding it hard to believe that this laser is firing at 40 watts. I have another laser that is only 30 watts, and it cuts 3mm birch plywood at 30% power + 5% speed.

My Laserbox will not. And it seems all the preset material settings show 80-90% power on EVERYTHING. That’s insane!

I did create a test file and run square cuts at different speeds and power. Also used certified material with preset settings and it did not cut. It looks to me like 100% power is NOT 40 watts.

The only thing I can find that seems like it might be the issue, is the Out Power. There’s an answer on another post here that tries to explain, but it’s not clear.

Is the laser firing MORE consistently at 8%? And LESS at 15%?

Also, we do we not have the ability to turn this off?



Hi thetattoolady,

The out power 8% is for the power limitaion fo the offline function like laser what you draw and laser what you pick, normally, no need to change this setting. The power has been processed by the underlying algorithm. For the actual logic, we will confirm with the engineeer and let you know later.


Hi thetattoolady,

Regarding to the laser power. The power of the lasertube itself is 40w, while the actual laser power from laser head will be smaller than 40w due to the anti-freeze liquid in lasertube lead to a little attenuation and there is also attenuation after the laser go out from the three reflective lenses and one focus lense. Normally,the actual cutting laser power will be larger than 28w if set the power as 100%.


Very disappointing for experienced laser users not to have an option to bypass this setting. Cut/engrave quality is degraded due to having to use high power for everything. I know some people want the speed, but low [unrestricted] power low speed is what’s needed for smooth lines and surfaces.


Hi thetattoolady,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion. Do you mean the minimum power limit of 8% too high? Actually, it is already very low power.


I mean since the power is being ‘scaled’ or ‘controlled’ (for lack of a better word), it is very limiting. We should be able to cut through 3mm plywood at 20-25% power and 5-6% speed. Yes, it’s slower than your settings , but the cuts are smoother better quality. Same with engraving. Should be able to use 12-20% power and 80-90% speed. Smoother more even engraving without dips and uneven color.

Also way the out power is set and limited to 15%, there’s very little room for getting different shades because the distance between 1-100% power does NOT a true 1-100, the range is different.

With a 40W laser and commonly cut/engraved materials, it is the SPEED that needs adjusting for lighter/darker engraving. Need darker? Lower the speed, not raise the power. Need to cut deeper? Lower the SPEED, not the raise the power. Low power, low speed. Raising the power + no real air assist, is the reason folks are getting so much residue as well.

It’s also hindering new laser users (especially students) because it’s ‘so’ oversimplified. And that’s fine for children, but we should have more control over the settings. There should be a way to bypass that all together and create settings that are based on the lasers true power.

How do we get these results on the Laserbox? If it is possible, please share demonstration or cut file. I am sure many users will appreciate it.





Hi thetattoolady,

You said it, the corresponding relationship between the set power and the actual output power is very complicated, not as simple as multiplying by a percentage. I will check with our engineer if there is such documentation to explain it.


Hi thetattoolady,

We have confirmed with RD engineer, actually there is some randomness in the correspondence between real output power and percentage, similar to this image.

Summarize some information:
1% generally does not emit light
100% is generally not the maximum output power
The output power of 20% is generally not twice that of 10%
The output power of 50% is not necessarily higher than the output power of 49%

Hope this info can be a reference to you.


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