Is my bot 2 dead? only works when plugged into usb


Rubbish birthday for my son, I’m afraid.

We assembled the mbot 2; but we find that if we unplug the usb cable, it immediately turns off - it’s as if the mbot 2 shield holds no battery power. However, the pi controller, when connected to the shield and USB cable, shows full battery.

When we unplug the pi, and turn on the shield there are no lights, no nothing…

I’m really stuck. have to get the kiddo another present now, as this has been somewhat a disaster, I’m sad to say - fortunately, he’s a good kid, so he’s understanding - better lad than I, that’s for sure :slight_smile: ; would like to not throw this all away in the long run - only good for trash can now, afaict., can someone help?



Have you tried reading this whole article:


thank you, yes. done all of that bot works when connected to pi and usb c cable with computer or charger (i.e. power source). when usb cable is unplugged, it’s dead as a dodo, rendering it useless (not like we can drag the laptop around with it while it moves).

What do we do? I can only assume it’s defective. bought months ago on Amazon, prior to his birthday reveal - so it can’t be refunded that way.


So the mbot is off when charging on when you test it and the CyberPi is plugged into a USB cable and the mbot neo?

I guess you can contact support here:



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