Is makeblock still alive and kicking?


Hello TechSupport

are you even still alive?

I haven’t read a post from you on this forum since early 2022.
And there are almost 50 requests that have not yet received a response.

What is going on?



Bye bye!

Hi phg1,

Give you a good observation because I too lost a little interest on the forum.

  1. I can’t help with new products like the mBot 2 because I personally bought dozens of products to help on the forum but Makeblock comes out with a lot of them (which is positive anyway). I can’t buy them all so I go a little less often and some are expensive.
  2. There is no collaborative project. If there were projects like this on the forum. An EscapeBox with a Halocode or CyberPI and mBuilds, there might be more interaction? Me, I took an ESP32 but there is everything with Makeblock products for fun…

Note: I did a lot of treasure hunts when my daughters were little with Makeblock products. You just have to stimulate creativity. Be careful, if you start because at my daughter’s school, I’m known for my completely crowded.

  1. A Makeblock webmaster to answer questions is too few and if there were more, they should not all be from the same country. Because, Makeblock is international. It is needed in North America, Europe, etc.


P.S. Makeblock is probably on more local activities. There is a lack of exchange on the forum in English and the answers are not regular on the forum. Maybe we should rethink the forum with more moderator?

Good luck Makeblock


Their support is very very haphazard on the forum. I would recommend emailing them for faster responses.

Is Makeblock dead? as you can see from this post, it has always been patchy


Well said chaps! - I totally agree with all of the above.


Hi, phg1, MurrayElliot and CommandR,

I recognize the regulars of the forum. Ironically, I don’t see a Makeblock moderator on such an important topic. In a moment, I love Makeblock products because they are, in my opinion, more interesting than the LEGO product. However, a product cannot become the best if the overall experience is not superior. There isn’t a lot missing for Makeblock, but like all hardware sales companies, the pandemic has taken its toll.

So what is the solution?

I would say use the community to support your activities. Rework your forum and create points of value (projects or small challenges). Personally, we have Logics Academy in Canada who have Ambassadors. A starter kit with a robot (I took a Codey Rocky) for the Ambassadors and then we talk about it like I do here. They are very active in English at school level. This is probably the best example to follow (Site) In fact, your community probably has plenty of ideas to help your brand without becoming too support-heavy.

I wish you good luck because your products remain great, as does your community: phg1, MurrayElliot and CommandeR. We are adorable :wink:


Not sure what’s up with the forums but they are pretty active on social networks, especially with their Xtool sub brand, they even had a Kickstarter recently for some new blade cutter.


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