Is it possible to hide Arduino code when making an Extension?


I’m new to writing an extension in mblock. For some device extension like Lego EV3, we can not view the corresponding python code when selecting the EV3 block in the main window, but for some other extension like Arduino device, we can view the corresponding Arduino code when selecting the Arduino block in the main window after adding the extension. My question is, can we build an Arduino device extension without showing the related Arduino code for security reason ? Appreciate if there is any feedback. Thanks.


Hi desmond516,

Yes, it is possible to display the code using directly in the correct areas. Otherwise, it is possible to hide the code from students in an include. You do functions or procedures and you use them. Students will only be able to see the function or procedure call …


Dear Crackel,

Many thanks to your advice! For the Arduino code shown on the right hand side as shown below, can we even hide them as well ?



Hi desmond516,

Unfortunately, that is not possible in my opinion. However, Could Makeblock confirm? or even add the functionality … that should be pretty straightforward.

Otherwise, impossible …


Hi Crackel,

Thanks for your sharing!