Is it possible to communicate neuron <-> mBlock 5 via wifi?


I don’t have bluetooth module for neuron but want to use it with mblock 5 so that it can communicate with Codey Rocky. For example I would like to control Codey Rocky with neuron joystick.

I can find tutorial about connecting neuron via bluetooth. Everything I’ve found regarding neuron and wifi is about ipad application.

As an option some way to communicate via cloud will do.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi romank0,

The WiFi block doesn’t use the CH340, so it can’t connect to mBlock 5.You may use the USB connection between the neuron and mBlock 5 temporarily.

If you want to do wireless connection, you may need buy the neuron Bluetooth block and our Bluetooth dongle (it can transfer the Bluetooth connection to a COM Port) which can ensure the stable bluetooth connection on PC.