IR_Ultrasonic.ino not found


I haven’t used my Orion Starter robot kit in a few years, but thought it was time to start again. I also have a standard Arduino Uno board and use the Arduino IDE to load sketches. I got the Orion and Arduino IDE to talk. In hindsight, I should have backed up the original sketch, but too late now. I downloaded and installed the Makeblock master file from Github. Under Examples, I have a MakeblockDrive folder, but nowhere in there can I find the IR_Ultrasonic.ino file. Inside the Firmware for starter folder is a file titled starter factory firmware. I’ve opened it, but it doesn’t look like that’s it. Any ideas? Could Block 5 restore it?


Update: I found the old files stored on a hard drive. I tried to compile using my Mac with a new copy of Arduino IDE, but got many errors.


Hi, the mBlock5 is not supproted the Starter…It is suggested you use the mBlock 3 instead of mBlock 5


Thanks, I have installed mBlock 3. I’ll follow up more later. Thank you.


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