Inquire about how to apply for the upload mode broadcast extension block


I am Young who is making and managing “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” devices.
I’ve created a broadcast block for the “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” , but it’s not compatible with the sprite.
The “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” device is based on the Arduino nano.
I’d like to add a broadcast extension block that is compatible with sprites on an “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” devices.
device id is “ezsteam_nano” and “ezsteam_nano_old”.
I want you to add a [[[ Upload mode broadcast ]]] extension block to our device.
What should I prepare to add?
I look forward to your reply.

I have sent several requests to "" and "" but have not yet received a response.

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Try mentioning the team members: @makeblock.lindingxin, @makeblock123, @makeblock, @makeblock_product, etc.