Input from Pin A15


Since Pin A15 on mBot Mega is open/unused, could an additional crash sensor, say, for the front be installed, connected to Pin A15, and pick up a signal through Pin A15. How would that be block programmed since the sensing blocks only show Pins A11 and A12?

Or maybe add a fourth avoidance sensor with one placed on front, back, right side, and left side. Pull the signal through Pins A15 and A6-8?


Pin 15 may connect to something on the board and be there only so you can measure its voltage for testing purposes.


Interesting that connected a servo motor directly to Pin A15 but had to call it Pin 69 (15+54) to convert from analog to digital – yeah, right, I’ll have to study that some to figure out what’s going on. Of course, she’s running a servo motor and I was interested in using a sensor. I’m not sure I have time for all of this but it really is rewarding when something works!