Improved fume extraction


Here is a way of improving machine fume extraction and it’s easy to clean.

I was a bit concerned about the build up of debris in the flexible tube that goes to the extractor and I have been having problems with filter alarms so I decided to improve on the extraction between the laser box and the filter.

I don’t have much room behind my machine (110mm) so I needed a tight 90° bend and the flexible tube supplied worked ok but slowed down air flow a lot so after hunting around I found this toilet outlet with a 93mm PVC tube.

The rubber flange required a 77mm tube to fit over so I 3D printed some adapters to increase the out and in diameters. If you don’t have a printer you can buy some jam jar seals and some rubber glue to reduce the rubber flange diameter.

Just ran 2 - 72 mins cuts with no smells no alarms and a great extraction. The best bit is it comes off really easy so you can clean out all the debris and reduce fire risques


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