Impression for Codey Rocky



:heart_eyes: The robot is super pretty;
:heart_eyes: The doogle works without problems or configuration with Win10
:heart_eyes: The product works with PC software
:heart_eyes: The product seems to have great potential;
:heart_eyes: Lego compatible on the sides and wheels;

:neutral_face: The PC software starts in Chinese and you have to find the word in English in the menus;
:neutral_face: The robot does not much thing default;

:tired_face: No cardboard card in the box as it seemed to be in the Kickstarter;
:tired_face: The PC software is not yet available in French;
:rage: The price included DHL and delivery is too expensive;
:sob: The Legos do not stay in place at the back and on the top;

:confused: I did not find an IOS application for the robot;

PS Here is my first 5 minutes of tests. I can not wait to have more time.


Hi Michel,

Thanks for sharing your experience.
The mBlock software start with Chinese version on your side, we will do the test and let you know later.
Currently, the mBlock software doesn’t support French, but it will, please kindly wait.
For the APP, both the Makeblock APP and mBlock APP (currently only iOS version available) has supported Codey Rocky.


I also recieved my Codey Rocky this week.

Found the app and it has worked perfectly. The robot feels great and it will be nice to check it out more. Especially like the new Mblock 5.0 version since I like Scratch. :slight_smile:

Already on my shelf is an mBot (rarely used) and two codeybots w turrets so the Codey Rocky was a great addition.



Second impression

:grinning: Found the IOS app
:grinning: The tutorial in mblock the IOS application is correct

:sleepy: It misses in the application Makeblock, the instruction which returns the value for the distance so that Codey Rocky stops more objects. This would read the color of the object and do a few different things for each color. Currently, the robot stops too far and the color sensor is not able to read the color.


:sob: In the Makeblock application, a Neuron section is missing to add capabilities to the robot. Example: Press A on the Codey Rocky to activate the water pump. Is it possible with the application on PC, I do not know?



Hi Crackel,

The Codey Rocky doesn’t have the Utrasonic, it uses the IR to detect the obstacle, but it can’t measure the actual distance. On makeblock APP, there is no plan to add this block.

For the interactive control between codey rocky and neuron, there should be no plan in makeblock APP either, it may be considered in mBlock5, but no determined plan yet. We will provided feedback with your requirement anyway.



I find it unfortunate that the Codey Rocky is not able to stop at quite precise distances. Color detection requires a ready stop of the object and I have not found a way to get close enough. Do you have solutions to my problem?

For the interactive control between codey rocky and neuron, you must obligatorily embed in mBlock5. The Codey Rocky must be able to control the Neuron block and acquire the information from the blocks. This is required to get the full potential of your products


Hi Crackel,
Currently Cody is not able to detect the exact distance of obstacle; and color detection should be in a close distance.
In short future, mBlock 5 will realize interactive control between codey and neuron, at that time we can use more neuron module to detect distance and control codey against different color.


I´m according with Crackel: Codey Rocky look great, good finished, good material quality, funny design.
Only good things in this few days with the codey rocky except that I was scammed for DHL like Crackel say, I must pay extra 40u$s of “administratives charges” to get the codey rocky, when i was pay 20u$s for shipping, so, the total cost of the codey rocky for me was 129u$s like a kickstaters´early bird.
The past year i received the Neuron kit, more big size, more expensive item (107u$s) without pay any extra money.
Anyway, I´m happy with my Codey Rocky.


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