Importing bitmaps - difference importing as vector vs. pure import


Hi, I am new in unsing the laserbox, but experienced in other lasercutter.
I found it easy to use the box and the software.
But for one point I could not find an information: if I import a bitmap, a window opens (Image per-processing), where I can do some picture changes (erase, cut…). Then I can choose “Import image” or “convert to vector image”. But there is no difference between the bitmaps, which I find on my canvas, no matter how I imported it.
Not in the laser parameters nor in the style-tools.

Thanks for hints, why there are two options, which make no difference. or did I miss something?


I’m not sure yet either, I haven’t tried enough. But maybe you should try with some super simple image, see if it can make that into a vector. Somehow I have succeeded, but don’t ask me how :smiley:

Try this image:


Oh no, now I think I remember, I think I just took the outline of the image. That’s not the same as making it a vector…


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