Important things to remember about .h and .ccp files


I mentioned that you can use include files here: Extension Code Morse.

However, one thing I would like to point :point_right: out is that normally you will need more than one :one: include file because a lot of .h and .ccp files reference other include files.
When you create an extension that uses include files, make sure you place them and others mentioned in them all in a single folder :file_folder: and upload them to the extension builder.
Also, when you name your file that contains the includes, try to avoid common names like “src” to avoid conflicting :angry: extensions.
Lastly, if you were to name your folder, say, “example”, and your include file something like “myInclude.h”; make sure to include your include in the block’s code section as “folder/include”, so in this case it would look like “example/myInclude.h”. (Yes, the quotes there are bolded and italicized too because they are needed.) Don’t :no_entry_sign: include your file plainly as “myInclude.h”.

Well, that’s all, and I hope it helps you when you’re making your next extension!
(Never mind the emoji. :rofl:)

Thanks for your time,