Image Correction does not work



I tried to use the Image Correction option under Advanced Settings and after puting the 3 A4 sheets and pressing Next, I get an error message and have to go back to the main menu.


Hi dbotsiod,
What is the error page, could you show us the screen shot?
And is your laserbox software the latest version?
If possible, please take a short video for us.


Attached the screenshot


When does the screen shot come out? It comes out once you clicked on “calibration” or laser printed and then it shows failed?


The screenshot with the error message comes out as soon as I press Next button after the instruction to put the 3 sheets of A4. I don’t think that the device is checking anything because the error comes even if I don’t place any A4 sheets inside.

Camera Image is skewed

Hello dbotsios,
This case, I will check with the seniors. But please
Make sure your computer is online and choose “check for update” in laserbox software. Then go to image correction and take a video of the correction process. I will forward to the senior.
Thank you!


Hi, the problem is solved. I changed the USB cable and reset my windows pc. Everything ok now.


Glad to hear that :grinning:


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