If blocks extension


hello world!
I’m trying to make a Boolean block to test if 2 digits are equal or different. the equal block is already there, but it can’t be inserted in a bigger Boolean block. to make myself clear i’m trying to make this condition with blocks!
if (d!=1 && d!=4) then…
d will be a variable that i’ll create, (1,4,… will be Arduino pins)
So how can i make a boolean block in which there is 2 entity blocks


Content session
Number && Number

In code session paste this code
(/{number_1}/ && /{number_2}/ )

Then make another boolean for d!=1


to make myself more clear here is the block where i want to insert the condition : if (d!=1 && d!=4)
the and is already there, i want to make a block that has a boolean output and in which i can see id 2 numbers are equal or different


The version of mBlock you are using is outdated. If you wish to make and extension, it ought to be easiest to do using the new extension builder.