Ideas for Cyberpi / mbot2 projects


Hi everyone,

I currently doing an internship in a university who would like to set up a course (~20 hours) based on Python and on robotics with mbot2 robots. They asked me to study this technology to see what we can and cannot do with. I have also a presentation to make very soon in which I have to show the possibilities of the mbot2.

For now I did :

  • A line following program, using the quad rgb sensor
  • A catch the ball program, using the smart camera with color learning and the clamp kit
  • A master / slave program, using the wifi broadcast

If you have any project idea (in Python) or any feedback to improve / add feature to the existing programs just let me know. (btw they provided me a wide range of mbuild sensors)

Thanks you.


Hi Pierre-Jo,

I don’t have an mBot2 but 20 hours goes by very quickly.
I also don’t know the target age but personally I like it when there is a theme and a progression.


Final objective is to count the number of groundhogs and another mBot positions itself in the location.
Simple and clear for the student for a team of 2.

We start with the following line, you can use the smart camera to recognize marmot statuets or simply put a brown image on the ground and finally communicate the number to the other mBot so that it positions itself.

Keep it simple because 20 hours isn’t a lot. I better have a doable project where you’ll be adding things to the students faster than anyone else is finishing.

There you go… I want other themes or challenges, I’m quite creative



Hello PierreJo,
Thank you for your support.
Programming is a DIY course for customers, and it is not convenient for us to participate. The following are related documents, please read them carefully. And hope your course will be great.

If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team:
Best regards,


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