I need a sample code for using the Bluetooth Remote Controller w/ mBot 2


What are the main differences you can think of between your home PC and your class laptop?


@Best_codes got it! i noticed the sound effect when i plugged in the mbot, however didnt hear it on my school laptop, CHANGED the usb cable, and suddenly i upload? althought the cable that wasnt working works to charge my phone, and is the same type c to type a, etc…?
thanks for the help!
now it uploads on my windows laptop and the chromebox desktops (if i leave the checkbox unchecked’ it pops up the correct port, if the mbot is communicating properly, when it wasnt uploading, i duidnt see the ‘default’ port there , i had to search them all… when the cavble was good/connected/the sound effect, i didnt have to search, it was there as thedefault port for connection.


@magicmarc That’s a bit strange but as long as it is working (it is, right?) then that’s good, I guess!

I wish I could have helped more, but it looks like you got things figured out on your own. :slight_smile:
Good job! :+1:


no, your correct code … guided me to the proper troubleshooting!


:slight_smile: No problem! Let me know if you need anything else in the future. (Just remember:
I will be gone from April 3rd to April 16th


Good luck!


Hello, How to make the motors run only when we press a button and stop when we release we dont want to press anything to make it stop

mBot 2 and Bluetooth controller

@h0tm try something like this code:


Thank you this worked


@h0tm Awesome! Let me know if you need anything else.


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