I have no Cody in Hardware Library (Win10)


So, a second question to the Forum, is:
Since I couldn’t get Python working on my preferred environment (Chrome OS, see my other post - it’s not supported), I reverted to Windows 10. There I installed the mLink driver and connected Codey via USB - no prob. However, I cannot pick him from the hardware Library as he doesn’t show up!? I only have one choice, Cybrepi! Even though he’s connected and seen as connected.
What am I missing on this one?!


Hello kgingeri, please make sure that you have good Internet connection on your computer and refresh the page. Sometimes it takes several seconds before the full list of Device Library to load. As you said you are running on Windows 10, you can also download the desktop version of mBlock to try. If the problem remains, please take a video and send to support@makeblock.com , we will help you there in a new ticket.



I have a 60/50 Mbps connection and I have the same problem or I don’t understand how it works. If I want to use my Codey Rocky, what should I do?

Note : Win10, Link2, user for over a year of the product and I have no problem with the other interfaces.


@tech_support, video is on it’s way!

@Crackel - I found that you can connect anyway - via USB! Next type in a simple program and try to run it (even tho you don’t have the right hardware selected).
The first time, it will warn you that the Codey library isn’t loaded and ask if you would like to download it (see attached). Go ahead… of course! ;vP
Sooo… now try and run again and if you are in Live Mode it’ll give errors (see attached).
However, if you go to upload (regardless of the warning) it will upload and run!
At least we have that much!!


Hi guys, sorry about the misunderstanding. I just checked with R&D and was told that we have only one device in the library for Python coding at the moment. We will add Halocode, Codey Rocky, etc. into the library soon but I don’t have a clear schedule for it, please wait for it.


Hi tech_support,

that suits me very well as an answer … keep up the good work


Good stuff @tech_support - thanks again! At least I can load and run a Python program, just not with full support yet.


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