Hey everyone!
I have some exciting news. I’ll just cut the intro and say it: I have access to ALL Sprite Extension Files! (.mext). This will exclude ones that include personal API keys or that would be copyright infringement for me to give you. (Teachable Machine, any that use ms weather, other private APIs, etc.).

I have to say, my programming abilities have grown a lot since I joined this forum. :slight_smile: A special thanks to @CommandeR @Crackel @MurrayElliot @a1egr0 and many others for helping me. I may make a tutorial on making mBlock extensions soon, both for sprites and devices.
By the way, have you checked out my extensions?
I have “Arduino UNO Plus” for an Arduino device, and be sure to check out my new “JS Powerful Tools” extension for sprites with blocks for API fetching, jokes, mBlock Data, IP data, block hacks, website source lookups, and more! I will make it open source soon, so you can all use it.
Just search Best_codes in the devices or sprites, and my extension and devices should come up.

So, if you want the source mext file for pretty much any mBlock extension, (the file you can import into mBlock extension builder, so you can use the extension’s code and such), be sure to mention me as @Best_codes in response to this post.

Thanks for your time,