I’d like to add a broadcast extension blocks


I am Young who is making and managing EzMaker S1 devices.

I’ve created a broadcast block for the EzMaker S1 , but it’s not compatible with the sprite.

I’d like to add a broadcast extension block that is compatible with sprites on an EzMaker S1 device.

device id is “ezmaker_s1_maker_board”.

What should I prepare to add?

I’ll be waiting for the reply.


Hi Makeblock,

The process of ezmaker is interesting, I am also interested in the process. I noticed that the extension is available in other devices, not proprietary makeblock.


Hello Young, it’s nice that you have this idea. According to your description, I think the best way to help you is to contact our R&D team via software@makeblock.com . My colleagues will help you via email