I can't stop my robot's repeat forever command


I’m using the mBot upload and I used the repeat forever block. Now I cannot stop the mBot. Because if I try giving the bot another different code to stop, it says the a code is already running. I don’t know how to stop the code.


I don’t quite understand your need, are you looking for a code like this ??

Just tell me what you are trying to do …


I was using the repeat forever block, but I didn’t make a stop command. So when I uploaded the code using the wire. I couldn’t upload another code to stop it because the app would say that a code is already running.


I’m trying to stop the code. Is there a way I can just shut down the code? I’ve tried the white reset button on the bot. I’ve held it for several seconds but it still does the code.


just put the bock: when mbot (core) starts. upload only this block and it will erase your code.


Thanks for the help. But now I got another problem. I don’t think this requires a page but shouldn’t there be a orange connect button there? 07%20PM


The bot is on and the wire is connected to my pc. I’ve reloaded the page. I am using the web version so I also downloaded the mlink app for chromebook.


Oh silly mistake I forgot to scroll down.

Thanks so much for the help.


There is nothing stupid … :tired_face:


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