I can't connect to bluetooth


i have searched many forums but cannot find a solution. When my mbot powers on, the bluetooth module light just turns on and doesn’t blink. I can’t connect through my android phone or windows computer. please help


Hi, would you please check is there any Bluetooth device connecting with you mBot? Would you please check the below picture, which is yours?


neither. I have an older model and on the bottom it says “Bluetooth Module (Dual Mode)”


Almost identical problem here. mBot comes on, bluetooth light flashes blue once and stays off. Mine says “Dual Mode” on the bottom and is different from the pictures above. “Makeblock” is not printed on the component side of board as pictured above but the components (chip, etc) are exposed as in the first photo. The layout appears to be different as well.


My doesn’t even blink once


I think it is exactly what you have:

If the light stays off, it can be conducted that the Bluetooth is defective. But if it stays on, generally speaking, it is connected with device successfully.
So @ qwertyuik would you please check any device was connected?


Yes, that’s correct. On mine the LED flashes once at power up and then stays off. Is this defective or just no longer compatible with mBot?

I replaced it with another purchased on Amazon. Works great and looks like photo #2 you posted above.


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