I can`t make my codey rockey move


Dear Sir/Madam,
When I was using USB cable to interface with the codey, the labtop prompted me that it was connected. When I uploaded my program into the codey, the codey didn’t move or respond at all. I’m using labtop to interface with the codey. My Com port also didn’t show “CH340” as indicated in your reply earlier. Please find the photo as attached for your reference. Can you please help? With bluetooth dongle, can I interface my labtop with the codey.
Thank you.



Hi, what is the computer system you have? Would you pleaset try to intall the CH340 one more time? Also, here attach the guideCH340.zip (611.5 KB)
again. Please check it.


My computer is Asus using windows 10.



Dear Sir,
My laptop is Asus VivoBook 14 using Window 10. Could you please help me?



Hi, have you tried to install the CH340 driver?


I am using a hp laptop but want to change it with the Vivo book. but pretty scary about Vivo would it meet all my requirements on not.

your opinion will be matter a lot to me.


Hi Victoria,

Do you have a link to the model you want ???