I bought a Robobloq, I understand it's not the place but I can't find anywhere else to look for help


I’m gonna be honest. I bought a kit from the competition. This was a reason to get a complete kit quickly and at a good price… I hope you understand this.

Getting to the point, I bought a Robobloq Qoopers, it brings a modified Mega2560 similar to the Auriga, but with a couple of sensors less. My original idea is to use this as an interface and control it with a Rpi3.

In this way, I start to investigate and I see that the Python support in Robobloq is not fully supported. Basically it is “embedded” in its own IDE (I did some reverse engineering, and it works under a Nodejs socket and http server that listen and interface to the Python code that one can put in the IDE) so it doesn’t have a direct Python support at least for the time being.

I kept researching and found https://github.com/Makeblock-official/PythonForMegaPi , the information and software I was just needing !

In order to find a quick solution it occurred to me to maybe use this software with the Qmind Plus board, being both boards based on Mega2560, I think maybe it could work… Until the manufacturer or the community advances with a python support.

Schemas for Mega2560 Qmind Plus: https://github.com/Robobloq2018/Open-source-hardware/tree/master/K1%20Qmind%20Plus

Finally the question is: Could it be dangerous to flash the MegaPi firmware in Robobloq Qmind Plus? Could I damage any hardware components?

I hope with a little hope for help.
Best regards


Only question I can answer is that the way the Arduino boards (Uno, Mega, etc.) work is that you load your program into memory and that is all that is in memory. In theory (where everything works) uploading any Arduino code compiled for the Mega2560 is the same. Not sure about the Python support but a quick Google search turned up MicroPython as an option and several links on the Arduino site about using Python with the Mega2560. The terms I used were python and mega2560. You’ll still have to determine what pins are being used for the attached devices and anything else associated with parameters.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for the information, and the recommend of MicroPython :grinning:


I tried the MegaPi Firmware but without success… :frowning:

Any can help with correct copy PIN settings, from original code to the new ?



Thanks in advance


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