How to use Me RGB Line Follower in mblock5



I would like to use RGB line follower in mblock5 (ver 5.0.1 latest version ).

I have already added Extended RGB line follower block like this↓.

so I would like to know RGB line follower block(on mblock5) description.

I have done making program RGB line follower in mblock3

My purpose is to make program RGB line follower in mblock5 like this↓

thank you.

Using RGB line follower with mBlock 5

Hello gisu271806,
Try this one:


Hi, tech_support.

Thank you for your advice!

I will try it !!


What is the difference between chosinf fill light to green , red or blue (or any other color)? how does this affect to follow line?


The fill light color refers to the color of the LED. The amount of reflected light will depend on the background color and the color of the LED. White background will reflect any color light. A black background won’t reflect light of any color. Green will reflect green, but not red or blue, etc. Of course it isn’t really all or none, but having a green light on a red background will have reflectivity values much closer to black than to white. For a black line on a white background, the color of the light would probably not make much difference.
I should add that you always need to check that what your robot sees is what you expect and calibrate accordingly. I just gave the tech support program shown above a try. It works fine for blue or green light, but not red.