How to use I2C 0.96" OLED with MBlock


I have a Grove - OLED Display 0.96" from Seeed and a Arduino Uno.

But i don´t know how it will work.
I found no Extensions for this.
All Extensions just work with 16x2 LCDs.

Can somebody help?



There are many different types of displays, for each type usually requires a special library. Further, the extension is necessary to implement any standard functions display on the screen. To use these features in mBlock can be very uncomfortable.
Some time I wanted to do this extension but unfortunately the ordered display has been lost in transit, and until now I didn’t order it again.
I propose to create a topic with a request to create such an extension, maybe somebody will agree.


Thanks for your answer.
I hope somebody has a solution for this.


did anyone find a solution for this?


@nilashis @AbaddoN @OZM
Check out this link, it might help:


@Best_codes yes, it can be done with Arduino ide but is there a way to do it in mblock with block based coding?


If you can give me the code you’re using to do it with Arduino IDE and some more info, I will make a device to do it on mBlock.


Hello @Best_codes, would you still be open to helping here?


Yea, if I know the code you are using in IDE then I can make an mblock extension for you.