How to store the mBot Ranger safely


Slightly different ask from what is usually posted, but I am looking for suggestions on what people have used to store their mBot Rangers.

I run the outreach into schools programme in a large University in the UK where we have over 40 mBot Rangers in the Dashing Raptor setup that we use with local Primary (mBlock5) and Secondary / Colleges (Arduino C). I am looking for a simple solution where each robot can be stored individually.

Currently we have each robot in a bubble-wrap pouch stacked in a wheelable flight case. This isn’t really ideal and starting to notice some damage.

Would be grateful for some suggestions or links to storage boxes that have worked for others.



Not sure what I would do. Here are some general tips:

  • Avoid static electricity
  • Avoid weak materials
  • Avoid humidity



Not sure what I would do either - layers of softish 25mm upholstery foam between the pouches perhaps?


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