How to speed up mBlock when reading analog and digital sensors?


Hi friends!
I really like mBlock? but sometimes his work is slowed down when reading gauges. Lag time appear. Movement of sprites on the stage comes in spurts.
Are there any ways to fix this problem?


Sample_1.sb2 (221.7 KB)


Hi Denis_Golikov,

Thanks for your feedback, we will test this issue and let to you later.
Btw, which version mBlock do you use?


Hi @Denis_Golikov,

Are you connected via the USB or WiFi/Bluetooth when you are running your program. If you are using WiFi/Bluetooth, there may not be much that you can do to improve the lag times.

Best regards,



This problem at version 3.3.0
Now I install v.3.3.1
and problem solve
It work wery fast.
Thank you for new version!


Hi Denis_Golikov,

Glad to hear that, thanks for feedback!