How to run mblock on raspberry pi 3?


Is there a way to run mblock on raspberry pi 3?

I am happy about every hint.



not easy - for now.

Actually, if you look at the source code of mBlock repo (version 4), there is a part designed for the future Rpi version. But that version is discontinued. So unless you wish to mess around with the source code and solve problems by yourself -

Wait for mBlock 5 for Raspberry Pi! Very likely to happen this year, but I cannot tell you a concrete date yet.


Hi bigeyex,

that sounds good. You mean with mBlock 5 there will be a version vor raspberry 3? And this version also allows to create customized extensions?



There will be. And if that’s happening, of course extensions are supported.


Hope mBlock 5 is comming soon.

Would it be able to load mBlock 3 extensions in the extension manager of mBlock 5 or is it recommended to create new customized blocks?


Create new blocks. (Don’t worry, you will be well guided through this process).

mBlock 5 is much less confusing since you can pick which hardware type (robots, controller board etc.) is supported by your extension, and you can pick which category your blocks live in instead of stacking everything in the “robots” category. People will not complain because they cannot use your extension in the wrong place.


Hi bigeyex,

I´ve made the next question in the forum:

and this is the response:

What do you think?




There is a chance to have mBlock 5 on RPI 3 before 2019 ?

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