How to replace the rubber belt


Currently, there is no video on YouTube showing how to replace the rubber belt on the laserbox. I want a video that shows how to replace a rubber belt.
Rubber belt picture


Hi dai5_jp,

It is true that we haven’t made such video guiding replacing a rubber belt.
May I know the reason you want to replace the rubber belt? Is the current one faulty?


It had been broken until yesterday, but the staff at makeblock japan sent me a video and I was able to repair it safely. However, it seems that the sent video is not on youtube.


Hi dai5_jp

Thanks for the tips, I have communicate with our colleague in japan and get this video , do you need this one?


Perhaps it’s rare to replace a rubber belt. But some people like me may need it. I think it makes sense to put that video up on youtube.


Hi dai5_jp,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Currently, all of our maintanance videos are not on Youtube, but on our website. For the video guiding replace rubber belt, we will consider if upload it to our website as well.


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