How to make block upload-only in MBlock5 extension?


I would like to make my extension “upload only” (it doesn’t work in live mode) in the MBlock5 extension builder, but I don’t know how to set it. The documentation refers to a checkbox for this, but that checkbox doesn’t appear on the extension builder UI…

The extension is derived from the generic template.


Hi Hod,

Thanks for reaching out to us. May I ask that are you developing a device or an extension? Currently, we only support disabling the live mode for device. You could do it from here:

You could uncheck the checkboxes of the Live mode sections to disable the live mode


The extension is a real extension (for Pixy2 camera) not a device.

The documentation states that the live/upload mode must be configured correctly for the extension to be published, and if I recall correctly other public extensions (like MeTFT, MeMusicPlayer) has this correctly set…