How to make a Climbing mbot2


Climbing MBOT2
How can I build a building that can climb walls and ascend angles of 45 and 90 without falling?


@Rnosh81 I’ve got no idea… @CommandeR?

And can you give a bit more details about what it needs to do?


I’m guessing that this is not a realistic concept, but for further ideas see:

There are lots of wall climbing robot videos to be seen here.

You could perhaps(?) use Velcro strips (the hooked bit) as tyre coverings and have a wall covered in soft fluffy material that the Velcro hooks could latch on to.

On a smooth surface, some form of sucker pad could perhaps be used - but this would need a method of Sucker Pads Adhesion ON - Sucker Pads Adhesion OFF…


Thanks alot finally I find the video I need
Iam new in mbot2 And I dont know any thing about building and programming


If you need help with anything else, be sure to mention me and Commander to let us know!



Thanks for asking about for more details
I want to built a mbot2 for climbing the obstacles with angle 45
And climb obstacles with angle90


:grimacing: I don’t know a whole lot about how to make such a thing. Maybe @CommandeR does. If you find anything else out, let me know. :slight_smile: