How to make a call with arduino and mblock3?


I need to make a call from an arduino. Is there any extentions that can help?


Hi Bruh

I have been experimenting recently with Arduino Excel freeware created by Roberto Valgolio. This is a is a powerful Microsoft Excel interface to Arduino boards which supports data exchanging in both directions.

I am using it as a Makeblock MegaPi board control interface - it can write data to any worksheet or cell and retrieve data from any worksheet or cell to send commands to the board. Excel can be either a data logger or an input source.

Hope this helps.


uhh…sorry I don’t understand…btw I’m doing it on mblock3. but I can edit the code on the ide also…


Probably needs a bit more information on what you’re trying to do @Bruh, I don’t understand your original question.


ok, I need to make a recorded call with a “SIM900 GPRS GSM Shield” but I new to this and don’t know the IDE code but I know there are many extentions in mblock that might help. so yeah…

when house is on fire call somebody with a recoreded call…etc…stc…)


Ah, ok, that makes sense.

The extension centre can be found here:

Unfortunately, I don’t see any extensions that look like they would suit your shield.


oh…is there any module that have an extention that can make a recorded call? thanks