How to include another mblock files


hi, can i include another mblock files to my file?


I believe the answer is NO because mblock does not consider them a file but a whole project.
What I did was to create a project file with all my blocks (routines). When I start a new “project” I open this file and delete what I will not be using and then program in the new stuff and save s a new project.


This is a limitation of the Scratch 2.0 offline editor which mBlock is based upon. Unfortunately, @rojoamigo’s approach is the only way to do that because cut and paste operations are not provided.


There is a workaround:
Right click the sprite(with the blocks you wish to share), and click “save to local file”.
Then you may use the “Upload sprite from file” icon to import the sprite to another file.
In this way you may carry code around.