How to get the IR Codes that Codey Rocky Receives


Hi, I’m trying to rfind the way how to recieve any IR signal on Codey from physilcal remotes.
Test to send command from Codey to Codey works, but not from other devices.
I tried my Pillips TV remote, other IR remote from toys, Androir IR Transmitter, Android apps - no luck.
I tried build-in infrared commands and IR extension - no luck.
Maybe the key is special IR commands coding?
Please help.


@goodillla The code would look something like this:


Try that code and see if it works. It uses the two button shown below:

If you mean that you want to send a specific code or receive a specific code and do something with it (e.g., show it on the screen), that is currently impossible with blocks. I’ll look into a micro-python workaround and see what I can do, but I doubt anything will happen. :confused:

Thanks for your time,


Thanks for reply, but as I said I already tried this, doesn’t work.
The remote itself works, I tried different remotes and different buttons like on/off, Volume+, still no.
I need the way to debug in python
I tried this:

import codey, event, time

def on_button_c_pressed2():
a = = 3)

And got “None”, like recieved nothing.


@goodillla I have no issues recording the signal from IR with codey, but I also can’t get it to print the code it is receiving on the screen. I don’t have many ideas, but I’ll see if later this week I can test some stuff out on my Codey. :light_smile:

The docs you mentioned are a good reference, I hadn’t found them yet. I’ll read through them and see what I can discover. Good luck!


I found the documentation here -

import codey
import event

def start_cb():
print(“start event succeeded”)
while True:[1])

And got success - only one of my toy’s remote works and now I see it’s values.
But TV’s remotes no.

Looks like Codey can recieve IR not from every remote.


Great! I’ll check that out. I’m not sure why it would work on a TV remote…

Tip: format your code using the ``` symbols:

import codey
import event

def start_cb():
print(“start event succeeded”)
while True:[1])



@goodillla Try a code like this:

import codey
import time

while True:
    ir_data =

and this code might work, too (Press button C):

def button_c_cb():
    print("button c event succeeded")
    while True: 

Good luck!


With this code now I see the codes of pressed buttons in realtime even from android apps.
Thats nice and gives wide opportunity to control Codey, so I can go forward to make smth with that.
So thanks.

btw, how can I share my programs in public ?


@goodillla I’m glad the code worked for you! As for sharing your codes in the public, you can always use the mBlock community to share them (you’ll have to make a project).

You can also always share your codes on GitHub ( or email them to me and I can share them on my site.

Happy coding and good luck with your codey! Mention me as @Best_codes if you need help with anything else. :slight_smile:


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