How to find the halo board's serial number?


Hi all,

Does anyone know how to find a halo board’s serial number?
I need this information for asset tracking.

Thank you!


Hi fmd,

The CyberPy has a function (Hostname) which I requested for the Halocode but it looks like Makeblock is not time for implementation.

Me, I use the MAC address but it is more complex to obtain.

Personally, I again request the addition of this instruction to know a unique identifier for our halocodes.


Hey Crackel,

Thanks for reply. I had seen that you could get the MAC address from Connect > Status Check under the ‘Devices’ tab. It’s a good work around but I was hoping to find the s/n. I also logged a ticket with MakeBlock and so far they told me that the information should be on the block. If they get back with anything I’ll post it on here.

Do you have another thread about this somewhere? I had not found one before posting but I’d upvote it.


In fact, I make lots of requests to Makeblock which they do from time to time.

However, several instructions are missing in the Makeblock devices. They are not uniform because the material is different and does not allow me to do everything my requests. However, if the information is available, Makeblock should add it.


Thanks for the tip


That screenshots illustrates the issue well.

Out of curiosity, how were you getting the MAC address before if not this way?


Hi fmd,

Does Makeblock refer to this number as a serial number. If yes, how to find which Halocode goes with which box?


I cannot confirm but I believe it it those numbers. I would also like to figure out which Halocode goes with with boxes, especially since I no longer have the boxes :slight_smile:


Hi there:

Thank you for all your guys‘ suggestions,we’ll feedback to our software and hardware engineers the new generation mainboard will print with QR code,which you can get the serial number by scaning it .



Hi makeblock.lindingxin,

Great as an improvement. Do you think you still add some mBlock instructions for Halocode information but accessible in programming. This is used to determine which Halocode receives a cra message otherwise we will have to make several codes.


One more suggestion, micro:bit for example allows you to print the serial number either on the onboard LED matrix or via serial, could something simillar be implemented for Halocode too? Maybe make a device information screen in mBlock which could display certain information like Halocode’s network status and serial number?


Hi Bleky,

There is the status screen but it is a bit incomplete. We should complete the information and add programming blocks in order to be able to use it in our programs.


Also posting lindingxin’s reply to my ticket:

Very sorry about that,our hardware engineer said the old gerneation products can’t find their serial number from its mainboard only the new version of these mainboard with QR code,which can check the information through scaning it.

It may not possible to get that information for the Halocode v1 at all.


Hi Fmd,

For Halocode 1, maybe you’re right. However, it is probably possible to add a unique “HostName” like in CyberPI and information like MAC Address etc. Objective is to have a unique identifier for our programs. I trust Makeblock …