How to download mext file from extension library?


I would like to download mext file corresponding to extensions available in the extension library. How can I do that ? The goal would be to download a particular extension (IRRemote for example) in order to apply small customizations to it.
Thank you for any help.


Hi refadai,
Which mext file you need?
We will download it for you.


Great. Thanks for your proposition.
I’m interested in extensions IRRemote ( and IRKontrol (
I’m using mbock v5.2.



I upload the IRRemote mext file.
For IRKontrol, we have not find it, please tell me which device it belongs to. (88.1 KB)


Thanks a lot. IRKontrol is for Arduino (uno for example).


Hi refadai (55.4 KB)


Excellent. Many thanks!


You’re welcome!