How to create operator block?


hi there . i have a problem to create operator block , it does not be where i want it o be . here i clip the image

pls help me @Best_codes


the operator i want to create should be in the box . but it goes to the arrow instead.


As a first step, try replacing /*{point}*/ with /*{BRANCH}*/



i already change the /{point}/ with /{BRANCH}/ in the event block (check Point). still doesnt work ,

then i try place /{BRANCH}/ in the operator too , but it wont work either.


Hmm… Is there any more info about what may have caused the problem?


im not sure , i dont know hick block should i edit , the event block , or the operator block
im still trying though


I’ll see what I can find out.


a little update , i try the default operator and it works fine and combine with my codde ,

so maybe the problem is in my operator block . the problem is the code in the operator doesnt place where i want to be , so is there any way to direct them ?

@CommandeR @MurrayElliot @Crackel @makeblock_product can you help me too ?


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