How to create new device extension for WeMOS D1 board


Hi All,

I tried to build a new device extension for WeMOS D1 board, which should be compatible to Arduino UNO and based on ESP8266. I use “stk500v1” or “stk500v2” as the driver setting but failed to upload the code to the board after compile successfully with following error. Any idea ?


Hi desmond516,

Does it work when upload your original program code to the board?
If original code works with uploading program to board, please share your extension file, we may share it to engineers to have a check.


Yes. The original code works if it is uploaded to an Arduino UNO device. The code is just turn on the built-in LED on and off only. I think the question is why it flows error when uploading the code. For different hardware, do we need a different driver setting when configuring the device extension ?


Hi Support,

Appreciate if there is any update on your side. Thanks!


Hi Desmond516,

We have confirmed with the rd engineer, it should still be the problem of driver incompatibility. UNO is based on ATMEGA328P and uses stk500v1 driver. yours is ESP8266, we guess you need to use esptool.


Dear Tech_Support,

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean that mblock can ONLY support stk500v1/stk500v2 driver but not others meanwhile? Please further advise. Thanks.



Hi desmond516,

We haven’t tried this board, currently can’t give a definite answer but we think the cause should be driver incompability. Besides the driver for arduino, mBlock also support driver of esp32.


Dear Support,

Thanks for your feedback. I have tried the guide to build the device extension. How can we specify another driver in the device extension configuration ? Eg ESP32. Thanks.



Dear Support,

Appreciate for your further feedback regarding my previous question. Thanks!


Hi desmond516,

You can specify another driver for mBlock. Here we only have two pictures to show you how we custom driver for our codeyrocky robot on mBlock to you for reference: